Offshore Company Formation in Dubai, UAE

Despite Offshore Company Formation in the  UAE is less complicated than the mainland and free zone business setups, it is important to know all the rules, regulations as well as the process to be followed.  One needs to understand the complete legal procedure, PRO services, required documentation, and a lot more.  To make your work easy, we at GSPU have designed a team of business setup consultants that will come up with your every single requisite to start an offshore company in the UAE.

GSPU is a well-known name for providing outstanding services for offshore company formation in Dubai and anywhere in the  UAE.  We will get rolling on your own offshore business fast as there is less paperwork and documentation than the mainland business and free zone business setup.  

We have a team of experienced people who are always ready to listen to your questions and assist you on offshore business setup in Dubai and convert them to reality in no time.

Offshore companies are those which are registered and licensed under one of the free trade zones of UAE and get a remarkable status in the same.  Thoughts such companies are incorporated under the free zones of UAE, their all-business activities must be outside of the UAE only.  There are certain exceptions such as free zone offshore companies can invest in real estate as well as they can also hold the shares of other companies in UAE.

Offshore businesses are also allowed to open an account in any bank inside UAE where they can keep their income generated by their business.  Moreover, there is no requirement of minimum capital to set up an offshore business.  Thus, there are many advantages and disadvantages associated with it.  Let’s dive deep into various aspects of offshore companies in Dubai or around UAE.

Below is the list of various perks of setting up an offshore company in Dubai UAE:

      • – Fastest incorporation process.
      • – 100% foreign ownership
      • – The benefit of a Virtual form of business  which is viable for easy international operations
      • – No tax structure applies to any capital gains or withholding
      • – Exemption in all kinds of taxes No need to deposit minimum capital in the bank. No need to hold the public record of directors and shareholders 100% asset protection
      • – Fully confidentiality and privacy in business operations
      • – Advantage of a multi-currency bank account.  100% tax-free business structure lawsuit protection

Along with ‘N’ number of benefits, offshore company formation in Dubai UAE also consists of some limitations as below

  • Restrictions on doing certain banking, insurance, and financial activities
  • Not allowed to undertake any commercial operations within UAE
  • No visa facility even to the company owner

Starting an offshore business in Dubai or around UAE is the fastest and easiest process.  However, it is required to have a thorough knowledge and understanding of all the legal processes essential for the offshore business setup.  It means one needs to know about PRO services, documentations required for offshore company setup, interaction with the banking transactions, suppliers, diets, and a lot more

One single mistake can lead to penalties, legal complications, and a tax burden.  We at GSPU have come ahead with a team of professionals who are always ready to guide you at every phase of setting up your offshore business.  From registration to acquiring a license, you will not have to worry

  • Jebel Ali Offshore – Setup your offshore company in one of the fastest-growing free zones in Dubai which is also known as JAFZA.
  • Ras Al Khaimah Offshore –  Get the ball rolling on your offshore business at the international offshore business center in RAK if you are a non-resident entrepreneur.
  • British Virgin Islands – Take your step forward to register your offshore company in one of the most popular tax-free jurisdictions in the entire world
  • Ajman Offshore Establish your offshore business in Ajman faster than any other emirate around UAE.  It is one of the most desired offshore jurisdictions.

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