Corporate Governance Audit in Dubai, UAE

Corporate Governance Audit is a process assuring that the company has complied with all the applicable laws, rules & regulations and has a well-formulated internal control system, policies & procedures to serve the stakeholder’s needs as well.

Our Corporate Governance Audit services are:

  • Determining procedures for assessing risks like global, financial, general, economic, political, industry & Company-specific risks and also ensure the adoption of risk minimising procedures.
  • Provide measures to ensure that the company complies with applicable Laws in respect of the following:
        • Disclosures and whether proper disclosures have been made regarding related party transactions, accounting treatment, risk management etc by the company as and when required.
        • Board Composition & Board meetings.
        • Various Committee (like Audit Committee) composition & committee meetings.
        • Code of Conduct and whether the Company has laid down the same to various levels in organization
        • Compensations for Directors including Non-Executive Directors.
        • Information including Financial Statements and results, Annual operating plans and Budgets, Show cause/demand/prosecution notices and such other materially important documents are placed before the Board.
        • Provide measures to monitor and review the effectiveness of the company’s internal audit function; and monitor the internal audit function’s independence and objectivity and the effectiveness of the internal audit process, taking into consideration relevant professional standards.

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