Audit and Assurance Service is much more than verifying just figures and numbers. Audit & Assurances systematic review and inspection of the Entity’s accounts & controls. Generally, these are performed by external Party to get a clear view and position on the state of affairs of the Company.

Accounting firms are offering a wide variety of services to the customers. Since UAE commonly known as the economic hub of the Mena region the scope for Accounting firms are splendid. Accountancy firms has got plenty of opportunities to exploit in the region since the economy of the country is more stable.

Being one of the Best VAT Consultants in Dubai , our Tax consultancy services include Tax regulations, rules and policies changes. Strategies that which help to reduce the tax may not useful in coming periods. Successful companies consider tax implications before they make business decisions, so they do not pay more than their legal obligation. 

Middle East is a business hub for international trade. The past years have shown us a steady growing economy with the support of Tax-free income, Policies & regulatory framework, government support & relationship with all countries etc . GCC always attracts investors to plant their business seeds and achieving the success that they desired. 

For running a Professionally, the business need to take consultation with respect to various tax, legal, Business, accounting services. GSPU offers tailored and advanced business advisory services in the to support the local business community.

In today’s world, for running a business professionally, there is huge stress given on the Compliance of rules and regulations all over the world and following the rules and regulations in the Middle East is crucial. Without following these regulations, the company can face huge penalties, and there is a chance that they might have to shut down. 

Apart from being one of the Best VAT Consultants in Dubai, we are a professional firm that help our clients to improve their business. GSPU provides various other services which are unavoidable for the modern business scenario. GSPU will work as a financial and marketing partner for their clients in various fields as per the requirement of the business.