GSPU TAX CONSULTANCY , Expert Consultant for your Accounting, Audit, Company Formation, VAT needs.


Numerous changes are happening in workplaces. The enormous progress in using technology results in a high degree of automation, transparency and acceleration. In a global business hub where the use of technology is in full momentum, there is no choice, except to adopt the changes for businesses to become successful in this era of constant change. The pursuit of progress is a permanent goal for any enterprise. Every business needs expert financial and compliance advice for business innovation, success and survival. Organizations which survive adversity and recession are those that follow the path of practical imagination and realistic ingenuity.


For both governmental and private organizations, auditing continues to be an essential business procedure. Audits have to be performed on a monthly or annual basis by every business, big and small as well as midsized. A company’s operations, performances, and production-related activities are scrutinized throughout an audit process. Moreover, the corporate strategy is observably and transparently viewed through an analysis of the organization’s business operations. A variety of methods can be used to cover both comparable and different business aspects of auditing, as it is an evaluation process.


We, GSPU group, a leading professional Audit and Consultancy since 2006 set up all over the Middle East and India provide services in audit & assurance, accounting & financial advisory, tax consultancy, business advisory, company incorporation and management consultancy. We specialize in helping businesses, whether start-ups or multinationals, to achieve their goals. Through our professional expertise and by working directly with organizations, we have developed a robust understanding of the factors that govern business growth. Our objective is to use this to help our clients to maximize their potential.


GSPU Tax Consultancy, a dynamic Audit and accounting firm with 17+ years of international experience adopts a professional & friendly approach and cares about the success of our clients holding an enviable reputation. 

Integrity and professionalism are the cornerstone of our company and therefore we are keen to work hard to gain the trust of our customers by providing professional services in high quality and independent, objective and ethical manner.


Being the Best Auditing Firm and tax Consultancy in UAE, our well-known and certified Accountants and auditors who have international expertise as well as a comprehensive knowledge of the local market work hard with a strong moral commitment and gain the trust of our customers by providing professional services of high quality in an independent, objective and ethical manner obeying Integrity and professionalism.


Expert financial and compliance advice for business innovation, success and survival is a basic need for every business. We at GSPU prioritize time and quality in Financial, Accounting, Audit, Company Formation, Management and VAT services to help businesses grow by making a clear strategy saving time & money by generating more revenue.Your Success, Our Passion. 


We the Global Strategic Partners Union always welcome your Business and financial grievances as we turn the work into service, and turn customers into friends & client relationships as business partnerships.

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