Earlier the formation of your business in Abu Dhabi was done by the Department of Economic Development ( an authorized group to assemble and initiate industry along with internal and external trade in the Emirate and prepare researches associated with industrial and commercial activities ) ,with the acknowledgement to the Abu Dhabi Chamber of Commerce & Industry. But now it is an easy-breezy procedure which tempts you to have the footprint of your business in UAE.

Different types of Licenses issued under business set up in Abu Dhabi:

  1. Commercial License:Issued to owners of companies or establishments for practicing business                activities. Example: (general trading, construction, real estate, transportation, clinics, hospitals, etc).

   Issuing Entity: Department of Economic Development

  1. Agricultural License:Issued to the owners of agricultural farms, animal production or sea products.

    Issuing Entity: Department of Economic Development

  1. Professional License:Issued to artisans who personally practice a profession or craft for his own                account, relying on his physical effort, or aided by some tools and equipment.

    Issuing Entity: Department of Economic Development 

  1. Occupational License:Issued to professionals who rely on their abilities, mental and intellectual               capabilities, talents and scientific capacities. 

    Issuing Entity: Department of Economic Development


Benefits of forming your trade in Abu Dhabi:

UAE welcomes your business with all the facilities of a developed country. Their support and guidance in all aspects is rich in commitment, quality and productivity. They comprises:

  • Free venture set-up
  • Supreme transport facilities.
  • Genuine energies & services.
  • Layout of the art & telecommunications.
  • Civilized funding and assisting department.
  • High-class class hotels, hospitals, schools, shops & Cosmopolitan lifestyle
  • Chief international exhibition and conference arrangements.
  • Qualified office and residential accommodation

Our Assistance & Services:

  • Analyze your business & advise the license and formalities to start your company in UAE.
  • Supporting in structuring your trade.
  • Assistance in opening your company & personal bank account.
  • Compliance and Advisory support for VAT Registration
  • Company Liquidation assistance.
  • Guiding to prepare the application form for the DED.
  • Perfect suggestions for selecting ware house/s or offices.
  • Support for adding or deleting a shareholder or Director
  • Getting your trade name approval, Initial Approval and security approval
  • Preparing MOA of the firm.
  • Accounting and Book Keeping services
  • Assistance and advice for E – channel registration and obtaining the establishment card.
  • Visa guidance for staffs & capitalists.
  • Formation of additional documents for the company.(Eg: Certificate of Incumbency, Certificate of Good Standing, etc)
  • Certifying the legal documents from authorized departments for the clients.
  • Staff selection procedures.
  • Perfect auditor appointment suggestion as it is a compliance criteria for having an auditor for free zone companies.
  • Support in modifying the trade name.
  • To expand or shrink firm’s stock holdings.

Building business in UAE (Abu Dhabi) is the best decision to perfectly enlarge your profits. We, GSPU TAX CONSULTANCY, with our expert team will surely assist and guide you in all these aspects for the well being of your business and as a relief for your troubles.

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