Federal Tax Authority introduced the UAE PASS function on the EmaraTax platform.


The Federal Tax Authority (FTA) announced the addition of the single sign-on feature of UAE PASS – the UAE’s first national digital identity – to the EmaraTax platform. Tax system registrants can utilise this facility in all procedures and services on the platform, which is accessible via the official FTA website, further advancing the UAE’s sweeping digital transformation.Mr Abdulla Al Bastaki, Executive Director of the Federal Tax Authority’s Information Technology Sector, urged all FTA clients to take advantage of the new feature and activate their UAE PASS accounts. 


The new feature was developed in collaboration with relevant authorities and is intended to meet the highest standards of security, confidentiality, and accuracy of information and procedures in order to speed up processes, improve user experience, and meet the aspirations of customers.This feature allows TAX registrants to access the Authority’s services quickly, effortlessly, and from the comfort of their devices and smartphones, eliminating the need to create a new login and password.The UAE PASS digital signature feature, which was introduced to EmaraTax, also intends to bring added value to consumers by allowing them to save time, money, and effort while providing faster service processing time and enhanced data flexibility.


According to FTA’s Abdulla Al Bastaki, the launch of the single sign-on feature using UAE PASS is part of the UAE’s ongoing development and upgrading of government services, which makes use of the UAE’s advanced digital infrastructure, which is among the most developed not only in the region but also globally. 


The UAE’s knowledgeable forward-thinking vision attempts to anticipate the future with plans and activities geared to increase the efficiency of government systems, the quality of life of individuals, the establishment of a sustainable environment, and the promotion of happiness and wellness in the community.

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