VAT De-Registration services in Dubai, UAE

Deregistration from VAT in UAE refers to the process by which a VAT registered person can have their Tax Registration Number (TRN) cancelled from the Federal Tax Authority (FTA). The VAT Regulations in UAE contains specific provisions related to conditions subject to which a VAT registered person is obligated to De-register from VAT and procedures for Mandatory/Voluntary Deregistration from VAT in UAE. Understanding these provisions can ensure a smooth process for settlement of your VAT obligations in UAE and also avoid the administrative penalty of AED 10,000/- associated with non-compliance of proper deregistration procedures. So the provisions of the Law are of paramount importance to ensure that unnecessary penalty costs are avoided by Companies.

1.Enhances Company Management

The De-Registration of a company can enhance the management functions of a company which will help the growth of the Company.

2. Company can prevent Losses

The Deregistration of the company can help the company to prevent additional losses to both the company as well as the investors of the company.

3. Secures the Future of the Company

Registration and De-registration of VAT can be very crucial for a company. Deregistration of a company at the proper time can result in a secure future of the business.

4. Support the Country’s Economy

As compliance is thoroughly examined, the chances of fraud to be conducted by the business are greatly reduced.

The procedure is straightforward however depending on the facts and circumstances; the above process can be time-consuming as various requirements raised by the Tax Authority has to be met diligently. Any delay from the VAT Registrant or failure to submit the required documents to the Authority within deadlines prescribed by them can lead to rejection of the application and will consequently result in Penalties being imposed.

We at GSPU can assist you to comply with the complex issues faced during a VAT Deregistration process in a professional and diligent manner. Seeking assistance from professionals such as ourselves will not merely save your valuable time (which can otherwise be put into productive use) but will also help in avoiding unnecessary financial penalties.

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