Accounting firms are offering a wide variety of services to the customers especially in the UAE  commonly known as the economic hub of the Mena region the scope for Accounting firms are splendid. Accounting firms has got plenty of opportunities to exploit in the region since the economy of the country is more stable. A firm’s financial information’s are considered as the lifeblood of business since the success of any organization depends on the financial strength and performance of the company.

All the Arab countries have got a strong and stable economy which is always inviting the investor. The free zones in Dubai are the other attractive point for the investors, no locals are required to register a company, 100% foreign ownership in the company, no taxes etc. The modern infrastructure facilities with the latest technologies are also an attractive feature of the UAE.

Accounting firms in UAE are delivering all the finance-related services to their clients. Since the economy of the Emirate is stable there are enough requirements for accounting firms in the region but the quality of services will matter. GSPU is providing all kinds of Accounting and Audit services as per the requirement.
The various services provided by us are,

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