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The common intention for Mergers & Acquisitions is to create a stronger position where two companies together is worth more than two companies separately. Technology integration, higher revenue, regional expansion, higher growth, diversification, tax benefits etc are the main reasons for mergers. The process of Mergers & acquisitions takes months from start to finish involving different steps and procedures. 

  1. Often less expensive to buy than to build-If your business is underperforming and not meeting the expected growth it may be less expensive to buy an existing business rather than expanding it internally
  2.  Reduction in costs and overheads by sharing expenses, miscellaneous budgets, purchasing costs, etc.
  1. When you merge or combine your business activities the overall performance efficiency tends to increase and onboard expenses tend to decline
  2. Mergers can actually provide the acquiring company with an opportunity or a prospect to grow their market share without any substantial effort. Instead, the acquirers merely make a purchase of a competitor’s business for a certain price, which is usually referred to as a horizontal merger.
  3. When one is thinking of acquiring their suppliers or distributors, the acquirer and can get rid of many costs that would take place. In particular, if an acquirer is buying one of its suppliers it is known as a vertical merger where an acquirer saves on the marginal costs that the supplier used to previously charge.
Mergers & Acquisitions
–       (Factors to be Considered)
      • Form of consideration (Cash or Stocks)
      • Management integration
      • Accounting & Tax treatment
      • Goodwill
1. Horizontal Merger:

Merger of 2 or more companies in the same or similar industries to increase the market share and higher revenue. Increased market share helps these types of companies to create control over the prices.

2. Vertical Merger:

This type of merger is to expand into different industries such as manufacturing industry merge with its supply chain company.

3. Conglomerate Merger:

Aiming diversification in the business, companies merge from different industries.

Professionals at GSPU possessing in-depth experience in different industries can support you to create value and mitigate the challenges over the course of the M&A Processes in:

      • Identifying and developing Strategies for integration
      • Structuring M&A Deals
      • Deal Negotiation
      • Overseeing the M&A Process
      • Drafting & Vetting of Legal matters
      • Deal execution & Closure

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