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Digital audit is a new phrase for many among us. It is audit all our dealings and presence in the Digital Channel. A digital audit is a comprehensive, customized assessment of your web and mobile experience, with insights assembled in a report designed to help your organization understand how to leverage digital channels to effectively meet strategic goals.

A proper Digital audit provides a deeper and customized analysis rather than just a vague WEBSITE analysis. It must mention the should-haves and could-haves as well for a better Business Advice and support.

How should you be Equipped for a Digital Audit?

      • Figure out the required domains for your digital audit report.
      • Collect previous & present marketing methodologies.
      • Communicate & Discuss with the IT domain to get the clear Digital status.
      • Communicate & Discuss with the HR domain to get the report of present & needed workforces.
      • Get ready to collaborate with a new team for better functioning and qualified output.
      • Groom your team that audit is for the betterment of the operations and not to scrutinize any individual.


  1. Quantitative Review:

In Quantitative Review the lens of metrics is the key factor and the evaluation includes

      • Historic SEO rank tracking data
      • E-commerce purchase funnel data
      • Google Analytics data
      • PPC ads reports
      • CRM data and reports
      • Social media metrics

2. Qualitative Review:

In Qualitative Review sorting of the needed and qualified data from lots of information is the key factor and  the evaluation includes

      • Email design and messaging effectiveness
      • Lead generation from usability and accessibility
      • Social media content
      • Website design and user experience (UX)
      • Brand congruence across channels
      • Calls to action on your website
      • E-commerce information and experience
      • Brand messaging across channels
  1. Website Inspection

There are lots of free and fast online service agents for Website Inspection. Such reports without context,   explanation, and prioritization are not beneficial as it cannot give a complete output. Only a professional team can give a detailed report mentioning broken links, duplicate content, missing title tags, and poor site performance.

  1. Brief Summary of Competitors

The digital metrics of your competitors imprints on your digital presence. A brief summary of competitors can advise you to enhance your digital presence.

  1. Modifications in Digital Marketing Strategy

A Digital Audit may modify your Digital Marketing Strategy which can provide a beneficial visualization of your digital marketing efforts. This considers:

      • Email
      • Website(s)
      • Organic social media engagement
      • Organic Search
      • Paid Search
      • Paid social media campaigns
      • Content Marketing
      • Local Marketing (e.g. local business listings)
      • Traditional digital ads (e.g. banners, videos, etc.)
      • Reputation Management (e.g. reviews)
      • PR / Media coverage
  1. Advises & Methodologies

According to the professionalism, an audit team may provide Advises & Methodologies based on the audit report. According to the analysis the positive elements must be developed and unfavourable ones must be rectified. Even though the qualified audit team outputs a developing Digital framework, the service depends on the Firm requirements & Fees.

  1. Customized & Personalized Tactics

There must be Customized & Personalized Tactics for your primary digital marketing channels

      • Website improvement plan
      • Keywords or searcher intents to target with an organic search strategy
      • Targeting recommendations for paid ads (demographics, geography, interests, etc.)
      • Calls to action to add to your website
      • Messaging recommendations (brand voice)
      • Content medium recommendations (focusing on video, imagery, tools/applications, etc.)
      • Content-type recommendations (educational, promotional, etc.)
      • Email communication plan
      • Channels where you need to increase focus
      • Channels where you need to decrease focus
      • Additional software needed to accomplish your digital plan
  1. Advise a long a time Framework

A strict audit gives long time advice for a couple of years on where to invest and how to grow business digitally.

  1. Key Performance Indicators(KPIs)

A Digital audit team may suggest many measures including the realistic goals for your Key Performance indicators analyzing the ups & breaks. These metrics varies according to the Business types.

  1. Scrutinizing Internal Operations

Though close inspection and interview the audit team can figure out the needed  updations in the internal   operations considering:

      • Organizational structure
      • Required skills for existing team members
      • Additionally required team members
      • Project management processes that can make your marketing team more flexible
      • Quality assurance processes to ensure your brand doesn’t make missteps online
  1. Audience accessibility

While enhancing the digital presence it is equally important to ensure that your target audience can access your digital profile. Wider Audience outputs potential clients. More audience can enhance your SEO boosting your search rankings.

  1. Digital Utilization

Sometimes digitalization must also be enhanced among the internal team. We must focus more on intranets,  communication tools, and team software, and provide feedback on areas to improve efficiency or communication.

1. Business Journey

Here the audit is the analysis of human and digital touchpoints in the business journey to understand the end-to-end experience of your clients with your product or service offering to report the pain points, motivations, and the updations to be needed.

2. Analysis of Social Media

Here the audit is the analysis of social media strategy across multiple different platforms along with their competitors. This analysis of content strategy and organic social content helps you to analyze lead generation from social media driving traffic to your website and to analyze the engagement on your social platforms.

3. Analysis of SEM

Here the audit is the analysis of a website’s search engine marketing strategy. Examining keyword campaigns, providing keyword analysis e.t.c it increases organic traffic, evaluating the quality of content on your website, and /or comparing your current site ranking with your closest competitors.

4. Analysis of SEO

Here the audit is the analysis of a website’s ability and propensity to rank on an organic page search using major search engines such as Google. It enables you to determine any bad practices that could negatively affect your search results’ performance.

5. Analysis of the Consistency among the Digital platforms

Here the audit is the analysis of Consistency among the Digital platforms. If your web and social media presences are managed by multiple individuals in a variety of groups and lack a consolidated strategy, this will help you to manage them well.

6. HEURISTIC Analysis

Here the audit is the analysis of a website against user experience guidelines and design principles across nine categories. This determines a high-level overview of where your application currently stands with general user expectations in the factors of Search, Performance, Visual Design, e.t.c and establish quick wins and obvious pain points that could be quickly corrected.

7. BAYMARD Analysis

Here the audit is the analysis of a website’s performance across multiple functional user experience (UX) categories including, on-site search, filtering, product descriptions, loading speed, and readability layout. This will analyze your current eCommerce experience against heavily researched eCommerce best practices and identify needed UX improvements,

8. Analysis of the Core Tech

Here the audit is the analysis of the architectural components of a website. This is to audit all of the tools that are currently in use powering your website or that of a competitor. It enables to examine performance issues related to your technical stack and want to assess your top competitor’s technical stack and develop your application.

      • Experienced and Creative team
      • Team offering Right Charges
      • Team handling wide Business Types
      • Agency team members with client-side (in-house) experience
      • Agency team members with finance, marketing, or management backgrounds

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